Online Slots

Online slot machines are the strong suit of any online casino. They are usually differentiated according to the number of reels that they have. Online slots often come in three-reel and five-reel versions and they may have multiple payouts lines, jackpots and bonus feature games. Several software provides create online slots and they often come in themes that are related to nature, holidays and everyday life.

To ensure that online slots are fair and not created to milk money from online casino players without awarding any payouts, third-party entities such as the e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance or eCOGRA review these online slots and see to it that they have fair standards. Make sure that you look for the eCOGRA sign at an online casino before you start playing.

Different types of slot machines online

Online slots come in different types: hot slots, penny slots, nickel slots, high roller slots, jackpot slots, loose slots and video slots. From the name itself, hot slots pay its players more often than the other online slots. More players try their luck on hot online slots because the chances of getting a win for every spin are high. Thus, online casinos use these hot slots for their marketing strategies.

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However, it is not clear how an online slots game can be considered as a hot slot. Most online casino players look for hot slots according to the game’s payout percentage. Some say that an online slots game that has a payout percentage of at least 95 percent can be considered hot. The payout percentage is the amount of money that the machine is likely to give for every bet.

Payout percentage

While a 95% payout percentage does not mean that you will win 95% of the time, it means that you have a high chance of winning on this machine. Meanwhile, the remaining five percent will be collected by the online slots. Online casinos publish they payout percentage of their online slots every month and those who have been playing for a long time claim that hot slots can give out a couple of jackpots.

Meanwhile, penny slots are the ones that can be played using one-cent credits. While the minimum bet for penny slots is one cent, its maximum bet may vary. Penny Slots are ideal for starting online casino players and for those who like to make small bets. Penny slots are also used by novice online slots players to understand the game better.

Though they have low betting amounts, online penny slots still has the potential to give big payouts and even large jackpots. Clicking the Bet button on the penny slots gives you a one-cent bet. You can increase this bet depending on the number of paylines that the game has and the number of coins that you will place as bet.

On the other hand, nickels slots have a minimum bet of five cents and this is great for beginners who would like to raise the ante a little bit. Though the betting amount is small, some nickel online slots have jackpot amounts that reach up to a million dollars which give more value for your money. With a small wager, you will have the chance to score big prizes.

If you like to place bigger bets, you can even try high roller online slots & online pokies games that have an average minimum bet of $5.00 and the average maximum bet can go as high as $100. With high wagers, bigger prizes are at stake and a $1 million prize might be puny with the payouts that high roller slots can give.

Progressive jackpots

Some online slots games are tied to a progressive jackpot that grows by taking a percentage of every wager done in the game. This makes online progressive jackpot slots one of the more exciting games in online casinos because of the possibility of becoming an instant big winner with just one spin. These progressive jackpots have a base amount and online casinos post the current jackpot amount at their home pages.

There are online jackpots slots that can be won only if you will place a maximum bet. However, there are other online slots that do not require the maximum bet. Also, some progressive jackpot slots require that you hit a necessary pattern to win the jackpot while some online progressive slots can award the jackpot randomly.

The uncertainty of these jackpot slots makes it an interesting gaming choice. You never know when the jackpot will be won and just like the other online slots players, you have an equal chance of winning. With one spin, you can gain a big win.

An online slots game is considered loose when it consistently pays over a long period of time. However, this seems to be a mirage for no online slots game has consistently paid for every spin that you make. In theory, loose slots have a payout percentage of at least 98% but it does not guarantee that you will win every time.

Nudge and hold options

Unlike fruit machines, online slots do not have the nudge and hold options. Therefore, it is purely a game of luck and you have no control on the outcome of the reels. After placing your bet, click on the spin button and wait for the reels to stop spinning. Winning combinations will be automatically paid for while the special symbols can give you bigger prizes.

The special symbols of online slots usually include the Wild that can substitute for non-special symbols to complete winning combinations and the Scatter that can appear anywhere on the reels to give you a prize. One of these symbols can even trigger a bonus feature game that may come in the form of pick-a-prize, pyramid style or free spins.

Online slots can be played directly on the online casino or through software download. You will have more gaming options with the software download version but playing directly online gives you a faster playing process.