Fruit Machines Online

If Australians have online pokies and Americans have online slot machines, Europeans have fruit machines. The popularity of fruit machines started in the United Kingdom and it has spread all over the world. Fruit machines have become regular fixtures in the clubs and betting parlors of the United Kingdom and they are named as such for they have fruits such as cherries and lemons as game symbols.

About fruit machines online

Although the process of playing fruit machines is the same with playing online slot machines, they differ in the number of paylines and jackpots. Fruit machines usually just have one payline while online slot machines especially online video slot machines that have multiple paylines. As for the jackpots, online slot machines have jackpots that reach in the thousand-dollar range.

fruit machines online

Meanwhile, the jackpot prizes for fruit machines are smaller and it varies whether the machine is in a pub or a club. Pub fruit machines have payouts with the $15 to $75 range while club fruit machines pay out up to $500. Club machines have five reels with one of them as the number reel. On the other hand, pub fruit machines only have four slot reels and one of which is the number reel.

Fruit machines are simple

Online slot machines tend to be clothed in aesthetics and they have more bonuses while fruit machines are simpler and more timid with their payouts. However, the outcome of online slot machines cannot be controlled whereas fruit machines give you opportunities to change the symbols that appear in the reels.

Fruit machines have the nudge and hold options to aid you in winning. The nudge lets you move a reel down and it helps you line up winning combinations. Meanwhile, the hold option is useful when you already have a pair of a symbol in the payline. Using the hold option gives you an advantage in getting the winning combination for you only need one symbol to complete the pattern.

Though the nudge and hold options entice a lot of fruit machine players, luck is still a big factor. There are times that nudges and holds can even hinder a player’s progress through the bonus trail. The bonus trail is like a board game that contains several features. Progress through the bonus trail depends on the completion of various challenges that can lead you closer to the feature board. The bonus trail can be activated by completing a trigger combination.

Random numbers generator

Technological advancements gave birth to virtual fruit machines that are operated with random number generators that give out unpredictable outcome. Therefore, there is no single technique that can guarantee a victory every time you employ it. Though you cannot guess the combination that will appear on the reels, you can determine the time when the fruit machine will likely give a payout. However, this method is more banked on theory rather than fact.

The best skill that you can employ with online fruit machines is the right timing for holding, nudging and walking away if you are not having any luck. If you already guaranteed of a payout, it is best to hold rather than to spin for a higher payout. Of course, your strategy on nudging and holding is based on the pay table of the online fruit machine. It is better hold depending on the situation that will give you the best payout.

By studying the pay table of the fruit machine, you will be able to make better choices in holding and nudging. Meanwhile, skill bonuses depend on good luck and if you are not getting any luck, it is better to go out and find another game. It is better to preserve what you have won rather than gamble it again and lose.

If you are not yet confident with your skills on the fruit or slot machines, you can download fruit machine emulators and practice your game. These emulators work like the real money fruit machines but you can play them as long as you want for you will not run out of credits. When playing fruit machine emulators, you can also point out whether money fruit machines are cheating their patrons. However, online gambling regulations have made this impossible.

Software developers

At present, two software developers are at the top of the online fruit machine market. The first software provider is Cryptologic and their more prominent fruit machines are the Fruit Fight, Super Side Show and The Incredible Hulk online fruit machine. Fruit Fight and Super Side Show both have a top payout amount of 2,000 coins while The Incredible Hulk’s top payout is 10,000 coins.

The minimum bet for Fruit Fiesta and Super Side Show is $0.25 while the maximum is $1.00. On the other hand, The Incredible Hulk’s minimum bet is $0.50 while the maximum is $5.00. Of course, these games have nudges, holds, win repeaters, gamble features and bonus trails.

On the other hand, Microgaming has online fruit machines such as the Gee Gees, Who Wants to be a Stallionaire, Pub Fruity, Game On, You Lucky Bastard, Cash n’ Curry and Chavin’ it Large. Except for Pub Fruity, all of the games mentioned have a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum bet of $5.00. Meanwhile, Pub Fruity’s minimum bet is $0.10 while the maximum is $1.00. Their jackpot payouts range from $1,000 to $20,000.