King Cashalot Slot Machine Review

Monarchs have collected treasures when they were ruling and you can have a chance to gain a share of these by playing the King Cashalot progressive online slot machine game.

Introduction Of King Cashalot

This five-reel, nine-payline online slot game takes you back in time when kings were leaders and damsels in distress were saved. Buy your own kingdom if you won the game’s progressive jackpot.

king cashalot slot

The Features Of King Cashalot

Its wonderful 3D symbols feature medieval celebrities such as kings, queens and knights. Also featured as game symbols are the meals that they loved such as fruit dishes, fish meals, turkey, gamon and puddings. All of these symbols can be triggered through superb gameplay as is accompanied by a wonderful background music that is reminiscent of the grand royal balls of that time.

Collect the kingdom’s riches through King Cashalot’s progressive jackpot. To do this, you must bet nine, $0.05 or $0.45 per spin. The treasure of the kingdom is yours if five king symbols appear on the ninth payline. Though the jackpot appears once a month on the average, it still is worth trying, especially because its value starts at $100,000 and has an average winning amount of $500,000.

Should you be unlucky, there are still other ways of winning. The king symbol is the wild and multiplier symbol and it can substitute for other symbols except the scatter to complete paying patterns. Also, it can multiply the payout for any winning combination.

As for the scatter, the jester need not be an activated payline to win. If you hit two jesters appear, you will win more treasures wherever it appears. Also, King Cashalot has a bonus game that can be triggered if three dragon symbols visit the second to fourth reels.

This bonus game is a “pick your desired treasure chest” game wherein you get the contents of the chest that you chose. This chest value is then multiplied by the bet that you placed and enabled paylines. The more coins waged, the bigger your bonus.

Other game symbols win you various coin values as well. Three or more fruit dish symbols can win you two to 50 coins while three or more puddings earn two to 75 coins. Also, three or more turkeys gain five to 200 coins.

As for the medieval personnel, three or more princess symbols get you 20 to 400 coins while three or more knight symbols wins you 20 to 500 coins. Meanwhile, three or more queen symbols make you 50 to 1000 coins richer while two to four King symbols has a 15 to 1500 coin interest. If you got five king symbols on paylines one to eight, you win 15000 coins.

How King Cashalot Is Played

Before playing King Cashalot, make sure that you have downloaded the game’s software from your preferred online casino. Also make sure that you have a registered bankroll with them as well. You must do these steps first before you can have any chance of earning more money.

After this, log in to the game and place a bet. Maximum bets give you a shot at the progressive online jackpot. You may use the “Select Coins” button if you want to play for fewer coins and the “Select Lines” button to select the paylines that will correspond to your non-maximum bet.

If you want to place the maximum bet automatically, you may also click the “Bet Max” button and the spin will incur a $0.45 bet value. Then, click the “Spin” button and wait as the reels stop spinning.

After random reel patterns have been registered, corresponding winning amounts will be added to your account if there are some. However, a part of your wager will be added to the progressive jackpot if you did not hit it.