LotsALoot Slot Machine Review

Loot the treasures of the LotsALoot progressive online slot machine. One of the more popular online slot machines from Microgaming, this game has three-reel and five-reel versions that have a unified jackpot.

Introduction Of Lots A Loot

The three-reel version features throwback slot symbols while the five-reel carries playing card characters. Of course, both version have the LotsALoot logo which is the highest-paying symbol in this game.

lotsaloot slot

The Features Of LotsALoot

A maximum bet is needed for both versions to be qualified for the jackpot. For the three-reel version, you have to get three LotsALoot symbols on the fifth payline to win the grand prize. On the other hand, you must get five LotsALoots on the 25th payline of the five-reel edition to loot this online slot machine of its jackpot.

If the progressive jackpot winning pattern falls on the first, second, third and fourth payline of the three-reel, a player can get 1,000 to 2,500 coins. Also, the LotsALoot three-reel has a $0.50 fixed coin bet while the five-reel version’s is at $0.10. This $2.50 maximum bet is your key to bag the hefty jackpot.

The LotsALoot symbol is also the game’s wild and multiply. It can substitute for any symbol to complete a winning payline. Getting one of this symbol can also double your winnings while two of these multiplied your winnings fourfold.

Hitting any BAR combination on a payline gets you four coins while three one-bar BARs earns you ten coins. A trio of two-bar BAR wins you 40 coins and the three-bar BAR combination adds 60 coins to your credit. Meanwhile, three sevens make you 80 coins richer.

How LotsALoot Is Played

You cannot proceed with the real game without downloading the game’s software at your favourite online casino first. You must also have a registered bankroll with this casino. If you do not have one, better register or else, you cannot play for money.

Once you are in the online slot machine area, you must determine your bet value. Since both versions have fixed bets, you can hit “Bet Max” to immediately set a $2.50 bet. You can also bet for less than it by clicking the “Bet One” button but will have to decide on the winning paylines for this option as well.

A maximum bet automatically enables all paylines and it is your only ticket for the jackpot. Once your bets are set, click on the “Spin” button. If you got winning patterns, the corresponding winning values will be automatically added to your bankroll. If you did not hit the jackpot, a portion of your bet will be added to the running jackpot prize.