Tunzamunni Slot Machine Review

Tunzamunni is an online slot machine from Microgaming. There are no themed symbols in this game, only classic casino slot machine symbols.

Introduction Of Tunzamunni

It only has one payline but the maximum bet for every spin is five, $0.05 coins. This $0.25 maximum bet is a requirement to activate the progressive jackpot. Tunzamunni also has an automatic spin option.

tunzamunni slot

The Features Of Tunzamunni

Unlike other online slots, Tunzamunni does not feature scatters or wilds. The game only has three symbols: spaces, sevens and BARs. Line up three of these symbols and you will win credits of various amounts depending on the number of coins that you wagered.

The space symbol is the lowest-paying among the three. Getting three of these can earn you a minimum of two coins and a maximum of ten. On the other hand, Tunzamunni has three BAR symbols: the one bar, the two bar and the three bar. Having a mixed BAR combination will get you 30 coins. Meanwhile, the three-bar BAR is the highest paying among the three.

Having a one-bar BAR on all reels gets you 15-75 coins. On the other hand, the two-bar BAR wins you 20-100 coins. The three-bar BAR pays out from 40 to 200 coins. But though these are high winnings already, the Tunzamunni sevens can provide bigger earnings.

Tunzamunni has three kinds of sevens: the red, the white and the blue. Having a random sevens combination adds 80 to 400 coins in your bankroll while three blue sevens wins you 160-800 coins. Three red sevens are worth 200 to 1,000 coins while a trio of white sevens can make you 1,000 to 5,000 coins richer.

However, if you have a white, red and blue seven in that particular order, the progressive jackpot is yours. With a base amount of $10,000, Tunzamunni’s progressive jackpot has an average amount of $71,000 with the grandest of all winners getting about $204,000.

Hitting this jackpot combination on non-maximum bets adds coins to your account as well. A single coin bet for this combination wins you $2,000 while two coin bets lets you pocket $5,000. Meanwhile, three coin bets gets you $10,000 and you will be $20,000 richer if you placed four coin bets on a white, red and blue seven combination.

Should you feel tensed with the excitement and pressure that this game brings, Microgaming lets you customize or disable the game’s sound. But with or without sound, winning big at the Tunzamunni progressive online slot machine is music to an online slot player’s ears.

How Tunzamunni Is Played

Proceeding to the game cannot be done without downloading the game’s software from your favourite online casino first. Then, make sure that you do have a registered bankroll for the easier tracking of money. Better sign up for an account if you do not have one yet.

After downloading and registering, you can now visit the Tunzamunni online slot game and decide whether you will play under the Regular Mode or the Expert Mode. In the Regular Mode, you will control the spins of the virtual reels while the Autoplay feature is triggered in Expert Mode. From its namesake, the Autoplay feature lets you play and win without clicking the Spin button. However, the Auto Play can be turned off after a pre-determined number of spins.

Once you have decided on a game mode, you must now place your bets. The standard Tunzamunni coin bet is $0.05. Betting five of these coins will give you a shot of the progressive jackpot. To automatically bet the maximum, you can click on the “Bet Max” button.

If you have fixed your bet, click on the “Spin” button if you are playing the Regular Mode. In the Expert Mode, fixing the bet will automatically make the virtual reels spin. Of course, the spinning reels will trigger various combinations. Some are worth nothing while some can win you various coin amounts. If you are unsuccessful in hitting the jackpot, a portion of your bet will be added to the progressive jackpot.